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coldfront – up lyrics


“i try to keep moving on, but you’re haunting me like an anchor tied to my two feet but you’re not pulling me away, cause i’m stagnate and i know you saw my colours change” so i blame it on the intent cause that’s all i ever do i don’t know why i feel so bad i’ve seen things through your point of view “you don’t care enough to notice” put down the phone, sit down and look at me cause this is killing me, how can i try to move forward, when you always turn on me? you always turn on me, “i wish i hadn’t seen your face in the first place so don’t stand next to me, you’re too troubled and complacent and i don’t want to be caught up in the same old sh-t and keep; buried in this sp-ce i’m in.” come on, tell me was it worth it? and would you please state your purpose cause we’re both just running around in circles, you said it would stop, but it never ends so now i’m just stuck here, oh god it feels like i’m stuck here well i swear that i tried to be honest the stress wasn’t worth it so let me out, you never wanted to feel complacent i never wanted to seem impatient, i never wanted to feel complacent and yet, you won’t let me out i never wanted to feel complacent it seems funny to me, were both running around in circles so let me out

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