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connells – lay me down lyrics

sing to me sweetley as i turn sour
lay me down, remembering
that the wind and the rain
played a part in that dreadful hour

and so as i p-ss, i too feel the power
laying here under the trees
where three days before
i danced in a summer shower

and she said “there, look through the trees,
the sun always shines, always on time,
dare, rest on your knees
and in a prayer, follow me there.”

softly i slumber as i turn to powder
blowing out over the sea
the wind and the rain billow me
though i’m no longer fire

a bird is alone as the wind takes me higher
now i don’t know where i am
the bird can’t hear me
as i shout out even louder

(repeat chorus)

la la la la…

(repeat chorus)

- connells lyrics

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