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corey smith – beautiful things lyrics

i got a problem i hate to admit
h-ll, no one likes talkin’ about it
it’s the painful condition of every man,
we’d all be saints here without it

it’s these beautiful things
i’m like a moth to a flame
and it’s buring my wings away

it’s money and s-x
it’s money and drugs
it’s the longing to look young forever
it’s reachin’ for more when you’re all ready full
it’s all this destructive behavior

it’s these beautiful flames
i’m like a moth to a flame
and it’s burning my wings away

and noone promises tomorrow
our best laid plans might go to waste, oh they may
it all might tumble down around us
but i won’t be afraid, no i won’t be afraid
cause i’ve got a little faith and a holy grace
and we’ve got love in our hearts
and i’m tryin real hard to do somethin good today

- corey smith lyrics

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