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corey smith – technology lyrics

well i’ve never been to colorado
or had a rocky mountain high
and i’ve never seen the denver broncos
or watched a tumbleweed blow by

but i’ve got a 42 inch tv
high definition, crystal-clear
200 channels beamin’ from above
yeah, i can see the world from here
i can see the world from here

well i’ve never been to new york city
or took a stroll through central park
i’ve never waved up at that lady in the harbor
or been on broadway after dark

but i’ve got a new laptop computer
a bluetooth speaker in my ear
a wireless connection to anywhere i want
yeah, i can see the world from here
i can see the world from here

lately i’ve been gettin’ bigger,
they say it’s lack of exercise
yeah, the double chins keep creepin’ in the mirror,
i guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise

but i bought an elliptical trainer
it’s got a built-in plasma screen
now i can get my cardio with my mtv
yeah, you gotta love technology
you gotta love technology

i’ve never been to colorado
and i probably never will
yeah i do all my travelin’ by remote controls
and i’m as happy as can be here sittin’ still
yeah i’m as snug as a bug in a rug
happy like a pickin’ bud
yeah i’m doin fine on my behind just sittin still

- corey smith lyrics

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