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craw the sage – elixir (intro) lyrics

intro [craw the sage]

yah yah yah

oh no i’ve been down and out…
they tried to drown me out…

but i’m about to make this elixir though

let me get two liters of ghanaian mineral water
straight from the hot springs of the motherland
add a cup of comp-ssion
some iron and magnesium
some sea moss and a little bit of bromide plus powder
a pinch of love
some freshly squeezed lemons
some ancient star dust
and any of your favorite fruits

[hook – craw the sage]

need the elixir this food for the gods
i’m stewing the brew and mixing the broth
this recipe man it came from the stars might send you to jupiter send you to mars
energy nuclear one with the universe
upgrade my dna spark up the nucleus
riding these waves like everything tubular
run with the gods i’m bout to burn rubber

[verse 1 – craw the sage]

they selling us dreams
i’m making a statement
i started this rap sh-t
spitting bars in the bas-m-nt
i peaked at the top floor like this is my placement
now don’t get complacent or leave yo spot vacant

bout to turn sh-t up
bout to shut sh-t down
bout to tear sh-t up
f-ck they gon do now
prolly chop the head of a 3 head h-ll hound
they say the city f-cked up
why they souls h-ll bound?
craw you too prolific boy you too profound
i’m slingin’ through yo town web-slinging my whole sound
pops said never bow to no man you can’t ever back down
i was a 90’s baby and this a crack down

last year my auntie od
oh woe is she
she was product of environment victim of the system
man them [?]ent-ties they pushed them drugs up in her system
and to whoever sold her dope man i pray that the lord will fix em

these beats they be giving me life
the crowd habitually hype
man these beats they go b-mping tonight
the beast go b-mp in the night
betta put up a fight
betta see yo aura glow
betta recognize yo light

drink the elixir taking many doses
always in the lab mixing up the potions
look at way i dab
y’all should take a notice
life is really golden
i was really chosen
even up in cl-ss rarely outspoken
life is really golden
i was really chosen
prolly outchea smokey
i’m turnt on a friday
dey dey and smokey
the cauldron is smokey


[council man]

what in the devil?
sir…sir what are you doing down here?
you cannot be mixing those concoctions down here
by order of the court that you do not do this
this is strictly forbidden
council will not be pleased bout this
what in the bl–dy h-ll are you doing?
masta will not be pleased about this!
by order of the court sir!
please take it else where!
this is strictly forbidden sir!
no! what are you doing!?
what in the davey jones!?


mix the elixir with a cup of comp-ssion
we high in the cosmos we intergalactic
running the game built up lactic acid
the elixir lasted on emerald tablets

- craw the sage lyrics

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