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craw the sage – soul trip lyrics

heavy heart (prod. gryfn)

hook – craw the sage

i give you fine art
it’s apart from kitsch

take the elixir put it in the mix
dive deep within take you a trip
it’s gold in my soul you was born rich

verse 1 – craw the sage

they said craw you insane
i stuck to my game
i’m bending the fire
i’m catching the flame
use was down & out caught in the rain
now i feel like i’m zuko
you n-gg-s is fufu
i’m ready to break through
-sometimes i just make do
this money simply
f-cked up our world view
seems people got everything misconstrued

i was scared i wasn’t gon graduate
to many cl-sses i had withdrew
i’m mixing the elements
they said it is taboo
calling it voodoo
i need that good ju-ju
i fight with cthulhu
i use that jujitsu
craw the sage i’m some type of guru
they off off the bottle
i’m b-mping that badu

bag lady let’s blow a bag
gimme dat window seat
foot on the gas
granny told me a hard head make a soft -ss
these days feel like our last
politicians just play a role in the cast
make these people like cattle
domesticate em and let em rake in the cash
i could not follow the m-ss


verse 2 – craw the sage

my mind stay on plot
i can’t be focused ‘bout what the next n-gg- got
jealousy & envy get you caught
study the book of enoch
i dare it that knowledge to esoteric
use to be one with the gods til sh-t got barbaric
come on my people i thought its apparent
look in yo soul you’re more than appearance

i see through fog it’s dense too atmospheric
put yo wealth in the people and it’s plenty to share with
i just wanna see art from spain, egypt and paris
and that is my merit

mirror, mirror my melanin is the fairest
tell me why these rappers generic
tell me why these kids in the city poppin like garret’s
the price of a soul isn’t numeric
even though it can be made into gold

they b-mping the songs through the go
i’m curious as to whose hearing it
i been through pic-sso’s blue period
i’m too serious
black man on a run this black man got a gun
i come from the black lands
i was tanned by the sun
pure energy brought to me by the ton
a new era has begun
batarang through the city
pull up with a gatling gun
only fearing the one
i feel like the one
feel like work ain’t never done
i relax watching fresh prince reruns

you can’t put yo faith in a check
we all dealt a hand but heck
they ain’t know
i can’t never fold
i had egyptian gods in my deck

- craw the sage lyrics

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