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crown of thorns – hike it up lyrics

i’m a sinner yes i’m guilty
baby you can see i’m down on my knees
lift it up baby show me everything
make me weak girl
the way it should be

never seen a woman
oh built this way
that knows everything
and how to please me
temptation baby yes addict me
make a true believer out of me
but in the meantime

hike it up
common girl
hike it up
you’re what i need girl
hike it up
oh yeah, hike it up, hike it up, hike it up, hike it up

pretty young thing
please believe me
you’ve got everything to keep me in line
eyes of blue baby
legs to eternity
baby you should know i can’t be denied
send me a witness, gotta have a witness
‘cause i ain’t never seen a woman so fine
i’m breaking down falling helplessly
someone save me from committing this crime
but in the meantime

repeat chorus

- crown of thorns lyrics

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