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curreny – stove top lyrics


drive in theatre

i’m tryna get this loot anyway true
it’s lucrative and from alls i do make through
itunes and avenues, we move weight each
one in my crew get a full plate
not one excuse til we all ate
unified, stupid high, n-gg- way paid
crime did just what they said it would
some n-gg-s livin good
some is gone away for good
some stuck in the hood
addicted to er, what he shoulda sold lost his soul
though his body still livin, look in his eyes
the fire ain’t in em, he used to be driven
now that’s cold
coldblooded as my angel wings flooded, rolls gold, star started
the ball covered so let it po
until it bubble on the flo
baby, love pelin out her clothes, eyes rolled
-rg-sm dancing while these homies blow
i’m just thinkin of my next goal
which color we should paint the ‘64
tryin to wrap my hands round a globe
like a m-th-f-ckin chokehold, hoe

drive in theatre

bent over the stove cus they want some more
knockin at my door
back at the store cus they want some more
all of yall

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