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cursive – double dead lyrics

double dead

out cold, run over by the boulder of sisyphus
doesn’t it seem to get a bit repet-tive?
over and over and over again
you got clean, climbing up that hill was an impressive feat
to think of all the demons you had to jockey
just to see that boulder bounding!

double dead – the first time was your worst mistake
this second one should take the cake
and smear it all over the mirror!

out cold, cozy in the mausoleum of your home
dozing to the shuffle of a metronome ticking out of time –
i-i-i’m, i-i-i’m, uh-uh, i’m a devil, i’m an angel
i’m whichever shoulder you’ve been glancing over
the boulder’s getting closer, it can’t be outrun
time to take your medicine!

double dead – you and me have got history
you and me have got symmetry
two sides of the same loin
double dead – i’m the shears that samson feared
i’m the whisper in your ear –
now, be a good little boy and do as you’re told
let’s h-t the road
one for the money, two for your head…

double dead!

double dead – the first time was so innocent,
this second one is insolent.
double dead – you and me, we’ve got history,
but no real future i can see.

- cursive lyrics

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