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d-celli – do or die music/outro lyrics


[verse 1: d-celli]
ruler of lucifer, son stuck to the crucifix
all it took was two lines to summarize the music biz
heaven and h-ll, coffin and nails
i be the dude haters hoping was destined to fail
keeping it real you kenan & kel, david chapelle to me
comedy. chuckle m-ffled while im out here dodging felonies
picture this photosynthesis
mom’s sun, holding blades, pushing gr-ss
hit the drop and leaves, put it in the past
pulling ds, skipping cl-ss
pushing os, grabbing -ss
puff and p-ss, white and raps
but he come with pizaz
plus he get these b-tches h-rnier than jazz. music
life’s a bunch of choices and i’m choosing
do or die music and i’m do-zing
b-tches, blunts, and boozing while you snoozing. the truth is
pat white, got beats, like he, leave bruises. hard hitting
reason we on the scene from the bean to new britian
i ain’t finning specific. its just a dream of getting signed like pet-tions
thick chicks, spiff whips, and a crib to live in (let it breathe)

[bridge: d-celli]

she inhale on the wine. i exhale when i rhyme
heavy breathing synchronized a matter of time
i let it breathe while its still alive. (it’s do or die)

[verse 2: d-celli]

a daily dose of ddash is essential
poetry painting pictures but this is me tracing stencils
dizzy this sh-t just hits me when im coming off the mental
fun time on the grind for the lettuce and romaine
punch lines like i battle with cocaine
on my grind sick of battling no names
who claim to spit fire, when i arriva there’s no flames
first s-xy white rapper in the game
that’s what chicks call me that don’t know my name
i rep the rock in the box, diamond exchange
craving for the days that all i’m flipping is a page
this the take over. breaks over
b-tch i’m breathing ether
see me swagging since s-xing under the bleachers
do or death, god respect. i
resurrect like easter. turning haters to believers
and quarterbacks to receivers. eager, itching to be pitching it
chuck up the rock and i’m hitting it
if your chick in the rock i’m hitting it
witness this limitless to exquisiteness
cause ddash never crash, and dylans got diligence
in the end they feeling it
brings so much heat to the beat
that i gotta speak through the steam
with a wet rag on my back, while i write raps for this track, ddash!-
(ha) who you know as hot as that?
grinding for diamond plagues, a1 like a diamondback
more money, more problems, f-ck it
give me all of that
i’ll f-ck her. never call her back
i’m joking like a hard attack
(it’s do or die)