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d47 – how i feel lyrics


you look at me like i deserve it
something’s not right
i’m not playing, i’m tired of this fight

i wanna hear that you respect me
time is running out for yo (you)
you feel me, last -ssault

what we had
wasn’t like you expected you broke me apart
giving up on me

but i’ll tell you what
when i think of you i feel stronger inside
i won’t stop baby

this is how i feel, i will never kneel
for somebody that mistakes my love
and don’t treat me like the queen i am

this is how i feel, don’t tell me how to be
the perfect girl you wished for
i’ m not longer yours

this is how, this is how, this is how
this is how i feel

i wanted you to be my golden
tell you no lie
but i changed, now i’ve made up my mind

it wasn’t something i expected
but i’m coming back to my throne
the answer, moving on

i don’t wanna follow your flow
i don’t wanna run like before
i’m in my zone, i’m on my own
in a minute i will be gone

i don’t miss you, i won’t kiss you
you won’t play with my heart anymore
people tell me, i am crazy
i just need a new life to be drawn

i don’t wanna bother with more
i just wanna drink all my rum
tell you something, listen to me
that is why i am singing this song