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da brat – look at me now (remix) lyrics


“look at me now (remix)”
(feat. jermaine dupri, greg street)

[greg street]
chi-town to the a-town
worldwide, whattup to my girl brat?
she’s back, greg street in the building
life, after, death
the b-r-a-t is the mixtape
whattup brat?
she’s on twitter @only1brat
jdltl online on twitter
and it’s your boy greg street @djgregstreet
so you know what time it is
global 14 family, online at
social networkers represent real big at so so def
greg street’s in the building!

[jermaine dupri – echoing]
this is a, so so def, world premier
a world, premier…

i got a big booty b-tch, rose’ bottles poppin
i ain’t gotta say nuttin wild, look at me
i make a muh’f-cker stay watchin, stay watchin
stay rockin – uhh, this sh-t right here should be a crime
n-gg- ’round here tryin to do me
that’ll take you a whole lifetime, lifetime
them pretty b-tches love me (oh) i’m on my chris brown
southside shawty, mayor of the a-town
she suck it all night, all right, heather hunter
prepare yo’self for a so so def summer

[chorus: jermaine dupri]
look at me now, uhh; look at me now, ohh!
i stay gettin paper
look at me now, ohh; look at me now, yeah
i’m fresher than a muh’f-cker!

[jermaine dupri]
now when i say fresh, i don’t mean degree
polo to the flo’, mr. dupri
you missin yo’ girl n-gg- come see me
she right up in my v.i.p.
hunt her girl tryin to eat on me
my money go longer than peachtree
tryin to do the dougie
and this b-tch she talkin ’bout teach me
man, hold up – heh heh
look at all that -ss! anyway
i don’t smoke, but if i did
i guess it’s time to puff, puff p-ss
let’s go!

[da brat]
well i’m feelin like a winner
cause i’m free i ain’t gotta walk around as an inmate
and i been off the scene for a minute
but i’m back in the back and the fact is i’m great!
couldn’t wait for the parole board
to go on give me a release date, february 28th
now i’m home on the phone, twenty-fo’
tryin to capitalize and get mo’ dough, so so
i’m ’bout to take advantage of every opportunity i can manage
and do more damage than i have ever done
i’m capable of lyrically -ss-ssinatin a hater
i fascinate ’em for the h-ll of it i make it fun
you don’t wanna run up or don’t want us in the hummer
with a hundred muh’f-ckers, all louisville sluggers
ain’t na’ar a one of us no suckers
ain’t na’ar a one of us no busters, or, hustlers
yeah how i gotta get cause i gotta get it
while the gettin gettin good, lil’ engine that could
came from the bottom with nuttin up out the hood
i ain’t fin’ ta let nuttin stop it, i wish i would
even though i’m labelled a crimi-nal, i’m a better individu-al
look at me now, feet on the ground
people around, supporters
surround myself with the most important, i’m fortunate
i’m scorchin it; and for the record ain’t n-body better
i’m hotter than ever and i’m torchin this
aesthetic to be recordin this, hypothetically and phonetic
when i’m at it, me at the mic married
like me and mariah carey, steadily stay ready
heavily goin steady, happily ever after
begin a new chapter, back at’cha
it’s the b to the r-a-t, nuff camera