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da twins (rap) – 1st round draft pick lyrics


(feat. warren g)

cause ain’t tellin’ when it’s on
going, going, gone you better raise up
cause ain’t no telling when it’s on
(straight soldier don’t make me have to show ya.)

straight soldier don’t make me have to show ya

[chorus x2]

[verse one:]
now i’m set, ready to peel a cap
for a bas-relief still got p-funk knockin’
out bustin’ out t–th, with the show that’s
boss now who lost? told you over and over
that it would cost. bringin’ a crisis to those who
wanna act tough, enough is enough got
your -ss on q when i caught’cha bluff
ain’t no p-sses or freebee you don’t
wanna see me cause it’s worser than
h-ll straight from long beach. that
wayniac an eastside n-gga wit’ an att-tude
quicker than quick to bust a cap in a punk fool
god d-mn it’s only right from the hitman you
wouldn’t understand the way i think of my game
plan. therefore, a n-gga like you better slow
your roll, act like you know before i show
the real deal still kickin’ the sh-t with the p-ssion
dangerous psycho-manic n-gga when i’m blastin’
think not. come try me and it’s on for life
cause i’m causin’ shattered dreams as i
k!ll your kids and your wife n-gga, so back
off this soldier quick cause i’m still goin’ m-th-f-cka’
the first round draft pick


[verse two:]
god d-mn! another murder on the eastside
six police cars plus an undercover g ride
yellow tape stretched out like the f-ckin freeway
talkin on the phone to this b-tch on a three-way
she done got the scoop on the sh-t as it went down
it’s a homicide youngsta’ wounded plus a dead
cop. n-ggas gon be n-ggas comin’ up it’s a must
g f-ckin’ wit’ that bone and get that -ss put to
sleep see. because of hard times got us all
on the jack move be careful who you jack cuz
this n-gga straight servin’ fools. ain’t nothin
poppin’ but some coochie and some popcorn
who will be the next n-gga that the loc is gonna
have to warn? it’s a sad case then life is f-cked
up, set k!llin’ set that’s how the sh-t is summed up
be careful where you goin’ certain places that
you ride cuz right about now it’s gettin’ crucial
on the eastside


[verse three:]
waitin’ for the roll call to begin ya’ thought it would
end but it’s not still tearin’em limb from limb, gangsta
stroll when i t-roll gotta put a hole unless i’m ready
to unload and take a soul. flashbacks on my
younger days still got me fazed but like they say
nothin’ seems to amaze. cuz you have to be a
street wise n-gga to peep the game, watch the aim
cuz the bullet don’t carry a name. and it might be
the cops who take pop at a young black n-gga
gettin’ his props, no doubt it. cuz it’s been done
before so here’s a quiz if you don’t die you go to
court your word against his. f-cked up but that’s
the justice and the peace the matter’s in my hands
i know how to make it cease. grab my reasons
and keep’em quiet, cuz i know d-mn well that they
don’t wanna see another riot. uncontrollable when i
get it goin’ you push the b-tton of a n-gga that keeps
it flowin, daily. can’t stop, won’t stop, and i won’t
quit, signing off m-th-f-ckas from the first round draft

[chorus x3]