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da$h – hellrose lyrics


[verse 1]

burning money like a blunt full of that good sh-t
getting hood rich
b-tch i’m sticked up like a blind man
whip it soft harder than a frying pan
metal said [?]like i’m iron man
ain’t the hero baby i’m the bad guy
need a bag so i get a jag i
just want some sh-t i’ve never had
my life getting hectic like i’m selling traffic during rush hour
i could never have enough power
remember days we had to flush powder like its cops at the door
the work is clogging up the toilet baby go and get the plunger
snuffing suckers ducking undercovers
rubber grip up on the dirty hammer
bullets hit em like [?] pieces
getting money been the f-cking thesis i’m the f-cking reason
dolla ain’t wanna play
we pull up like taggers and start to spray
sh-t fifty cal curled em up like a k
clip pulling off easy like sunday morning
anytime shootin’ you know we scoring
catch me a plane and get to touring n-gga

[verse 2]

all of that dirt yeah i did it
i hit the scale with the midget
i play your block with a pivot
forty glock gave me permission
all of yall n-ggas could get it
sat in the trap with no shirt
i was just taking them percs
i’m losing track of my time
i’m losing track of my hoes
never lose track of the work
tripping we going beserk
i really wanted that forty
but i went copped me a nine
i’m ridin’ round with that b-tch cuz’ ima do time
before you try takin’ whats mine
heard that yall n-ggas some rats
heard yall ain’t getting no scr-ps
wishing that yams would come back
doing whatever whenever to run up a sac
fronto blunt getting rolled up all k!ller no filler
five n-ggas on the scene bet we hitting three like reggie miller
i could still smell the elbow go and run it thru’ the sealer
[?] h-llrose thuggin’ till they come k!ll him