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dallas ford – chipped tooth monsters lyrics


[verse 1]

potty mouth pretty face antisocial give me sp+ce
run up in your family house, eat food off your dinner plate
i sure don’t give a f+ck about what i could do for goodness sake
slap your mother on the ass said thank you for the dinner date
give me sp+ce, girl i mean it
you don’t want to see my demons
lot of people think that when i say that sh+t it sounds conceited
lions don’t lose sleep over opinions of sheep
and broke people speaking ill
guess talk is really cheap
wait, people lie numbers don’t
funding issues money loans
i’m learning in this business stuff
you cannot do sh+t alone
all you blue+check rappers better monetize your team
they the ones that’s doing work
while you the ones that’s getting seen
there’s no cap up in this rap spit
heatin every season
we some dirty darn degenerates that flowered from the cement
who else you know that dropped 10k
just to make his debut
yall might say i’m a nut but i identify as legume
green eyes, all i see are dollar signs dummy
large fry caramel frappe
now i’m out of money
it don’t really matter when this drops we’ll hit the road
dropped my album in october booked 5 shows before it snowed
dallas took a xan now he feeling lazy
rick came out to play
basically, i’m f+cking crazy

[verse 2]

potty mouth no appetite
high as heaven out of sight
i don’t give a mother f+ck what i ingest
my mother might
i don’t ever really see me stopping smoking weed
all the trauma i done been through
it done put my mind at ease
speaking of this evening i was supposed to do some cleaning
of these clout+chasing leeches
that keep rubbing on my sleeve
i spit disgusting like a sick old sorry dog with mange
dallas ford’s gone and mr. rick’s to what he changed
trapper cash two bands in my pocket that’s a night shift
at my day job, i flip my personality light switch
you in over your head, walking round like you’re the sh+t dude
try me when you find me, you gon leave with a +chipped tooth+