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damon garde – saturday scholar lyrics


frisk the denim and then everythings accounted for
engage the wayfarers my blue eyes are sore
looks like a suicide pact happened
on the lounge floor, used cans clanking

and all of these sensitive senses are sending some very seriously mixed messages
ya fixed appendages not willing to work with ya
sixteen beverages standard that’ll do it for ya

deploy a neurofen to the dome
think i offended a friend but can’t remember
this morning brings, many a lesson
things we learnt a hundred times but f-ck we keep on forgetting

d-mn, it’s a nation on the p-ss
man, call it liquor land for the sh-t’s

and gigs are what i gotta do
terror’s what i’m going through
cos i’m better than this, headed into the abyss
i miss just, not, giving two sh-t’s
stop the f-ckin clock cos my lifetime’s ti – ticking too quick

spit it, here’s me on my plato
hungover bros rolling it up like it’s play dough
they don’t, hate though
damo’s, forever talking nonsense
i justify my true beliefs within my conscience

just in time for you to see i f-cking want this
before i die i really need to keep this promise
to myself, before it’s my lights out
please an audience with my thoughts that i rhyme well

done as the dictator
i’ma run to go be greater
than the man yesterday had me as was just a teenager
compared to the plans that my mind has in the can
i’m the screenplay that just screams danger

f-ck, just relax damon
just lean back damon
you’re gonna need that blay
at the end of the day, it’s why sat-rday’s were made man

put ya seat back damon
and keep that sweet track playing
do you remember me saying
that your dream’s so insane that you just might make it?

it’s true