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dan bull – injustice lyrics


where are my tightest clothes?
the ones that show off my muscles
the ones that make me look like
i could potentially have a six pack
if i, if i
worked out a bit more
and ate less chips
i need to look the part
i need to feel the part
i need to play the part

[verse 1]
it couldn’t be clearer
the era
where we knew which superheroes were who
and who to cheer and who to fear is in the rear view mirror
and a new one with new rules is nearer
rewriting the rule book
i’m not following the lines that a fool put
rivals are all shook
it’s all good, my bruv
get in line for a skullf-ck
guns unrequired, i fire with a full hook
with a force of a dump truck
you dumb f-ck
now, let me carry on recalling the story
of how you chumps become unstuck
i open a leather bound tome
gonna send the netherrealm home
i’m not implying your mom’s a jezebel ho
but she does seem to get around though
oh, settle down, bro
if you’re getting ever so upset about jokes
how the h-ll are you going to take a terrible blow
to the face when it breaks all your skeletal bones?
what’s a skeletal bone? i don’t even know
it just made an incredible flow
turn it up, don’t keep those decibels low
make them bigger than the biggest nfl bloke
hit you with six shots as kids watch
sticking the clip up on world star hip hop
sod body bags, your body bits got taken away to the tip in a ziploc
and after the war, there’s gore on the floor
that’s really gonna have to get mopped
now you know how i am when i’m pissed off
you understand why you shouldn’t have kicked off

factions dissolve and fall
and l-st for power enslaves us all
lines in the sand being redrawn
perhaps it’s time that we’re reborn

[verse 2]
side scrolling, mind controlling
don’t roll in the roads i’m patrolling
if i see your eyes, then i might put a hole in them
slicing you a nice new colon
i’m battering people i p-ss in the street
’cause i’m catching the feeling they’re laughing at me
paranoid, man, i hope you’re not attached to your teeth
smashing your gl-sses to pieces
no more clark kent, no more superman
what did you do to dan?
i’m a dastardly beast, last of the pacifist geeks
but that was the past, now i’m back with a beef
payback for the actions i’ve seen
that’s satisfaction to me
not every fact’s what it seems
re-read the captions and see
we have been rapt, in a dream
lean back and bask in the beams
of twilight gleaming from the sky
i remake my faction, my team
this time, it’s political
this time, it is physical
this time, my lines here are literal
this time, figural violence is visceral
i’m in your peripheral vision
and a split second decision is critical
like your condition, it’s pitiful
hope the hospital’s hospitable
i’m a bitter ball of all the big and little brawls i’ve been in since i was small
and i’ll continue kicking you ’til i’m against the wall
or i don’t exist at all

factions dissolve and fall
and l-st for power enslaves us all
lines in the sand being redrawn
perhaps it’s time that we’re reborn

right, get these clothes off me
it’s not ergonomic
help me get them off
yes, it’s squashing my b-lls
no wonder batman’s so miserable
‘ing h-ll
wearing that all day… sheesh