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dance club massacre – ode to the barracuda lyrics


our story ends with a signature for something i’ll
never be.
but it didn’t have to be this way.
your uniform was no different from the rest but you
were cool, so here’s a brand new song just for you.
it all began when i saw your face from the stage then
your blood was drawn upon my command.
the return:
when you say you want some more.
no problemo.
everything is cool, but i just can’t bring myself to
say “why don’t you go f-ck yourself.”
the room is spinning as i’m down on the floor.
at least down here you won’t bother me no more.
the words you speak are perfectly clear, so i guess
i’ll have myself another beer.
now you’ve got yourself a girlfriend.
well…a dude who wears girl pants.
nonetheless it’s safe to say he’s a dork.
funny how you hate the ska yet it reminds me of you
they say there’s plenty of fish in the sea.
alas this is true.
i’ve reeled in a few.
baby minnows at the most so i throw them back in.
but what do you do when you catch the biggest fish of
them all?
now i could swim for years and never get tired.
but i -ssure you if i ever come across your boat one
more time, i’ll steal the bait.
and leave you waiting.
the words you spoke were crystal clear, now i think
i’ll go have another beer.