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dandii sun – sun2m3 lyrics


i don’t want to be alone
h-ll is like a second home for a n-gg- like me
i don’t want to be alone
h-ll is like a second home for a n-gg- like me

[verse 1:]
speak on something with substance
or die in a pool of nothing
died six times yesterday knowing tomorrow’s coming
coincide with the rhymes of an ethiopian poet
hit the ground on two legs and keep running
dandii suna recreation of god’s will
willing to k!ll man with an illegal controlled substance
f-ck a fake friend was my motto i learned something
kept my circle so tight it gained a negative circ-mference
circle so tight it depicted this vagina my sex ed teacher
she wasn’t really instructing
physical education
but physically i was nothing
physically i was rotting
mentally i was something
mentally i was morphing into a piece or a portion
of the person i was born to be
don’t abort that -ssumption
if you abort that thought
your next born will adorn to the ideas of being
known as the neighborhood bop
gave the best brain plus it costs pocket change
we just redefined the phrase and here’s a penny for your thought
i know the stereotype is saturated in hate
ain’t no telling who creeping out the crevices of dallas
van gogh lend an ear
my n-gg-s can lend support
my arches ain’t been the same
since we gave thomas tennis shoes and ran a train
n-gg-s love a bar without a challenge
girl guided my steps before i knew balance
third eye lies you can never see thee
i just replace the s with a th like mike tyson
i’m so enlightened
so below par
you are so below the bar like religion made into science
i read a book on the life and times of charles darwin
till it dawned on me that i want to live just like him
just like him j
just like him
just like him

your adventure to the dark side
the dark side of my mind
your adventure to the dark side
the dark of my mind

[verse 2:]
oh speak on something with substance
or die in a pit
pitiful posture to break her back
as she swallows my d-ck
i’m d-cking down
suppose i ain’t d-cking down shit
my d-ck is a downer
it downs itself when it drowns in the spit
plus i’m a virgin
oh a masturbation addict who couldn’t get head in traffic
cause his d shift was broken
and my d still broken
i wear hawaiian shirts and short shorts
was claimed unattractive by a blind person
inverted watches
inverted crosses
blocked my mind
it blocked my thoughts
and blocked my conscious
the block is hot i keep a burner in my pocket
that’s a picture of my girl
she burns a hole inside my wallet shit
i don’t really like to talk about my self


the dark side of your mind
hmm? let’s go there for a second
i want to know
i want to know what is in this dark side
what is your biggest fear?