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daniel nunnelee – listening lyrics


maybe if i had more tattoos
i’d be your type
hey yeah if i was a different guy
you’d stay the night
more than twice
yeah you hardly led me on
but long enough to write a song a song
about how much i’d miss you
if you decided to go

you were always on the fence
about this entire godd+mn thing
yeah you tried to make it clear to me
i was there barely listening

so i heard you got a new boy now
cause it’s all your friend could talk about
how you’ve never felt likе this
in your twenty year long life

whеn you’re young and you’re in love
it’s easy to keep yourself naive
so if you decides to break your heart
i hope you’re there and you’re listening

so i heard you rolled up to a shoot
playing some song of mine
though you’re over me by now
it’s nice to know i cross your mind
so if you decide to put this on
i hope you’re there and you’re listening