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dank – sour/benzo music lyrics



the misadventure of young n-gga
wake up sprung and hit bong n-gga
reminisce of the wrong n-gga
get a noir beat make it to a song n-gga
you don’t f-ck for no cash, but twerk for re-tweets
no need to repeat, the truth sour non of this sh-t sweet
sour rolled brown, smelly smell all around
bump that melle mel, wonder where i get my sound?
lost roots, but found a seed floating thruough a sea of stars
taught me, that it all looks deceiving when viewed from far
pardon me, but i need to breather upon this beat indestructible
magically delicious, spiritually nutritious
this sour so loud, you can smell it from a distance
smooth like a dilla beat, where your doughnuts at?
eat the compet-tion, that’s why a n-gga fat
flash dance in the strip club, caught me up in a flashback
bounce that -ss like a bad check, i won’t ask for no cash back
blew all my cash stacks, now i’m backtracking that flat tax
got a new sweater tho this ain’t cool weather
ask myself if my old b-tch got sum new leather
if its true whatever, cause i know a n-gga better
dank on that new sh-t, the next moves a seller
creep behind your back get a heart attack
defense never down, third eye coming with a hard a attack

[15 sencond gap]

benzo music

pop 1 you’re gonna feel dazed
pop 2 you’re gonna feel amazed
pop 3 you re gonna feel blazed
all this benzo’s in me keep my life delayed

as i spice life with vices, xanax and ices
goes thruough my mental and cuts it in slices
fiend’n and leanin’, memories cleaning
zombie with a pulse, spit bars full of meaning
benzo’s in my head benzo benzo’s in my head
these benzo’s in my head make my insides go to bed
drop the top when it’s hot weather
weather or not acid tabs get dropped
hit the breaker, rake your brain
and rape the knowledge
escape the game, escape the fame
fingers twitch, twist up the grade
then wait for the fl!cker of the fame
same sh-t, just differs every day
don’t make sense like b-tch with hair on her chest
i’m afraid i’m the best, worried i’m the worst
let the incense burn, keep the ashes in a urn
it don’t matter what you earn
to free your’e spirit you must learn