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dasavage – tweakin’ lyrics


a n+gga faced the exotic it almost feel like i’m geekin’. these p+ssies think they stoppin’ me shiid you gotta be tweakin’. i hang with n+ggas that’ll whack em for his lying and leeching. i’m making paper f+ck these hoes i switch em out like the seasons. play me for p+ssy you’ll get f+cked luh b+tch just give me a reason. all that cappin, got ya nappin and now ya family grieving. it’s da savage done made it happen on my own with no features. i had a dream that every car in the city was bumping me. i strategize and plot for testing me kick em like sandy cheeks i rep the south i’m dropping music hop it touch the west and east and to the north is where we headed i’m a mf beast. these hollows scorching imma sort em out and cook em with no grease. she getting blinded from the wrist got wet from staring at my t++th. i bless the mic pray for the beat i f+cked it up just like tay keith. i let em know this for the one time i won’t say it again. i’m in this b+tch to make a living i ain’t trynna make friends. no time for snaking keep it real with me ain’t gotta pretend. light up the blunt inhale the skunk it send my mind through the wind. been making music going stupid way i i ball it’s a sin. step in this booth no need to rock and poo do what you came to do! f+ck what this fame sh+t mean to me man what this sh+t meaning to you. get yo hustle, f+ck the struggle make me stronger money longer. any opponent imma finish em no one can hold me. 2 twelve rounds i’m busting 24 i feel like i’m kobe
wake up b+tch its time to ride its a homicide they thought i was gone but you should know b+tch i will never die. i keep the heat up on my body temp like its the winter time flex up on these n+ggas got these stupid b+tches hypnotized