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dashiexp – intruder alert! lyrics


[intro: dashiexp]
oh my god, what the f-ck am i gonna do?
uhh, sh-t, i could call 911 but them m-th-f-ckas are not gonna make it on time
i got guns but none of them sh-ts is real
wait, hold up, oh sh-t yo this beat is kinda fire
yo i gotta hop on this sh-t right here

[verse: dashiexp]
oh sh-t there’s a k!ller in my house, he’s probably gonna k!ll my -ss without a doubt
pause, anyways i am kinda hungry i could go for apple sauce
oh man, who the h-ll is this man? i hope he doesn’t jack my painting of mega man
oh d-mn, i need to stop trippin’ and rappin’ and formulate a plan
i can’t help it, this beat is so d-mn hot
if not me, who else is gonna murk it?
uhh, i hope bb is okay, but she’s so d-mn little it would take him all day
to find her, so i’m sure she’s fine so never mind her
but what about me? my b-tt gettin’ numb and yo i gotta pee pee

[outro: dashiexp’s clone]
psshh, man them rhymes was wack, and yo flow was straight garbage!
k!ll yo self! well, technically i already- but wait if you’re dead then..