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dave east – highly anticipated lyrics



[verse: dave east (lil durk)]
they say i’m highly antic-p-ted
she boujee, she highly sophisticated
jump on a highway, we rental plated
them n-gg-s ain’t riding, they giving statements
bust down my watch, diamonds in the face
i got haters proud to say i made it (proud)
i got the loud, i’m in a sp-ceship (loud)
them n-gg-s ain’t wild that’s entertainment
i broke down a pound down in the bas-m-nt
i don’t got time to take a photo (yeah, yeah)
pistol loaded, b-tch i’m yelling yolo
n-gg-s out here telling i was selling dolo
i ain’t not no motherf-cking roll model (role model)
they put my face on a gold bottle
bobbing in [??] hollows, you want no problems
you wan’t no smoke, n-gg-, don’t bother (ah)
herbo want [??] or [??] or somethin’ (ooh)
they don’t pay up, then we answer (grah)
i might collab with my [??] or somethin’
like my b-tch is naked wearin’ nothin’ (wearin’ nothin’)
she ain’t mine, we can share somethin’ (share somethin’)
you actin’ like you can’t hear or somethin’ (hear or somethin’)
i be talking to the mirror tryin’ to see it clear
now i have a million coming (ugh)
she on my d-ck, that’s a k!ll coming
f-ck the opps, they ain’t k!lled nothing
i was lean tricking, i was pill dumping
how your -ss fake and you a real woman?
i was out grinding, for real popping (for real)
for halloween, we was still pumping
shooter acting like a barber now
when the spot packed, n-gg-s still cutting

[lil durk (dave east)]
ooh, woah, i put my heart and my soul in this (heart and soul)
’cause i be riding with the gangsters
why the system tryna control my sh-t? (i don’t know)
they only doing it ’cause i’m famous