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dave noodlez – the break lyrics


[verse 1]
there are definitely moment where things get so hard
so ridiculously hard. that you may wanna just give up
you may want to turn to the next chapter. you may wanna get to a point where you’re just like “you know what i’m done. i can’t, i can’t deal with this. i got this far it is getting to a point where its so hard i don’t even know what i’m gonna do.”

but you gotta remember, you gotta remember that when you’re on the journey, when you’re running the marathofthere are gonna be moments in those instances where things get so hard you literally feel like your about to break. you literally feel like its done you’re over there’s no chance, so why don’t we just turn around

turn around
dude do you know how much work you put in
what are you gonna do when you turn around and get back home
you’re gonna be regretting what you did

so the fear of regret kicks why you’re on the marathon
where you feel like you’re literally about to break
things are completely…you feel out of control
like you don’t feel like you can control what’s happening

but you gotta remember, you gotta remember the moment after you feel like you’re gonna break, is usually the moment where you have you breakthrough
you with me?
the moment where you feel like you’re gonna break
the moment after is usually the breakthrough
so you have to breakthrough that breaking point where you feel like you’re gonna break

[verse 2]
and when you get to that point
its gonna be hard, its gonna be crazy hard
its gonna be at a point where you are second-guessing everything, but you gotta remember your purpose
why you’re here
why you started in the first place

[bridge 2]
and going through that breaking point
its gonna turn you into the most amazing person ever
most amazing person ever

so whenever you’re feeling that moment like “oh man, this isn’t for me, i think i’m gonna just go back to what i was doing
you know my dreams i’m just gonna put them back in my closet.”
no this is not a teddy bear from when you were five years old
this your dreams
this is your life
this is everything that you think about

breakthrough the break and have your breakthrough

and never look back