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david puentez – the one (vicetone remix) lyrics


i’m standing here, all alone, in the club

got my drink and the beats, that’s enough

lots of guys come and try all the stuff

but i don’t wanna know

that might seem strange

but some things don’t change

it’s simple and plain

i just can’t let you go

you’re the one

i know i made mistakes in the past

but i hope that the pain will not last

watch you back and ain’t scared to that

i’m just letting you know

once more disaster

turn left ever after

it’s time to put a (p-ssguard?)

i just can’t let you go

you’re the one

because you are the one i’m waiting for

you are the one, i still love yo

you are the one, i need to carry me to ecstasy

you are the one, who owns my heart

you are the one, my shining star

you are the one, ain’t need to agree with everyone but me

you are the one-e-e-e-e-e-e

you’re the one

you’re the one