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david ruffin – bring her back lyrics


[verse 1]
to the bottom of the well i pitched a dime
i could only hear a splash ’cause i was crying
and with the moon right overhead, i looked to it and said
oh, oh, please bring her back

oh, oh, please, oh, bring her back
oh, oh, oh, bring her back
just a lonely man am i
ever since she said goodbye
oh, oh, oh, please bring her back

[verse 2]
in the bottom of my heart remains the pain
i was foolish then and now i’m so ashamed
i was too blind to see that she loves only me
please bring her back
bring back all your splendor
and all that sweet surrender
on that charming young lady’s hand
that gave, that gavе, that gave me the plеasure of being her man
i feel that karma this evening (ooh, hoo, hoo, hoo)
ooh+hoo+hoo+hoo, ooh, hoo, hoo
oh, bring my baby back, i feel like screaming
wah+hoo+hoo, oh, bring that girl
bring back, oh, bring her back ’cause i’m so lonely
life without you, honey, oh, it’s bound to destroy me, oh, yes it is
i want you to do me a favor
pack her up and send her home
right back here where she belong
please, somebody please bring her back (ooh, ooh, hoo, hoo)
oh, bring, bring my baby back to me (ooh, ooh, oh bring)
oh+ho, i got the wishing well to do it for me
oh, yes, i did
oh, oh, oh, just a lonely man am i
oh, i need my baby by my side this evening
ah, ho, ho, ho, bring my baby back to me this evening
oh, i feel like crying
i’m almost dying