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daymeus – fall lyrics


[verse 1]

i ain’t ever been a nice guy
i speak like i be forthright, why?
hype, beady-eyed snake lies, alive
the hope that you had me for died, oh
i know the chickies i run in on
i run out on, runnin’ their time out for love
i kickin’ up so much dust, my vision f-cked
this sandstorm consumes what i touch
hi sl-ts, oh why must i need up?
this bar dumb and i’m too, i need a vine so—wait
who’s that? my heart taps
my legs cramp, a lost nomad
i been schooled man, she’s all cl-ss
i’m no chance, she used to that
takin’ names, puttin’ lines threw ’em, swift with that
taken back by her beauty, her eyes attack
my mind reacts, the high i lacked
no fight i crack, i lie and act
all right and p-ss out on the inside
i’m a new guy, ay
she became my new type
before i all but lose my sight i see her grab a rope and come close
i’m at the edge, now, she’s wrapped it around my chest
f-ck, i’m falling, i can’t breath


she takin’ the rope (rope)
makin’ it hold tight
she takin’ the rope (rope)
makin’ it hold tight
she takin’ the rope (rope)
makin’ it hold tight
she takin’ that rope (rope)
and with it my whole life
i’m tryin’ to breathe (breathe)
she makin’ it hold tight
i don’t wanna leave (leave)
she makin’ it so tight
i’m dangling there (there)
it’s scary at this height
i ain’t letting go (go)
she makin’ it hold (hold)

makin’ it hold tight (5x)

[verse 2]

many days past, and she’s mine now
or i’m hers
it’s hard to tell, it’s been dark since i fell down
now i’m taunted by time, i’m feeling old
and h-ll i must be close
friends i ghost, ironic since i’m haunted in this house of hers
i’m starting to see now
i ain’t get her, she got me, i need to leave (stay)
the front door, the side, locked
i’d hide but she’s everywhere
and i can’t recall a time when she wasn’t
i’m trapped inside, she’s aware
and smiling as she chains my feet to the floor
insisting i ignore, stop resisting
a hollywood star or andy signore
stomach this, need me more
no safe word, no control
no, please, i don’t want this
i gave my key to a succubus
second i did, the seductive vixen went in
feelin her eatin’ away
in my skin like… like a scarab, the mummy
mark on my neck, i’m a dummy
she a ventriloquist, hand in my tummy
the phantom virus of my whole buggy o.s
it’s funny, right?
here, i’m sittin’, now
usually on the out
watchin’ lovers drown
sleepin’ so sound
girls i shot down, like cupid, and bound i’d


pull on the rope (rope)
makin’ it hold tight
the way she on mine (mine)
makin’ it hold tight
i see her above (above)
she holdin’ a d-mn knife
i’m beggin’ her no (no)
she cuttin it slow (slow)
i latch on the rope (rope)

prayin’, i hold tight (5x)

[verse 3]

i’m holdin on tight
she pullin’ my spine
i ain’t walkin’ right
i’m needin’ to lie down
she feedin’ me wine
claimin’ i’ll be fine
yes, so long as i’m
near and never out
fully of air
aware that i might
still i stay in line
followin’ her down
leadin’ me there
to my coffin now i’m
lowering inside
girl don’t leave me now
it’s frigged in here (in your heart)
i don’t wanna be (and it’s dark)
body so weak, so f-ckin’ weak
even wen i fall asleep, i feel her awake
feeding on freedom i cannot escape
i am naked and frail, failing to wake
fear of ailing a beautiful mistake
how did i ever do this too
how did i get into this, you
when did i—maybe i—should i, maybe—
i’m thinkin’—i think—maybe i oughta let go
yeah, i oughta let go
let go