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dayron – mha lyrics


mha (mile heights anthem)


mile heights club we some fly n-ggas
all these bad b-tches want a fly n-gga
we don’t get dressed man we take (off)
take (off) take (off) take (off)
lift (off)
grab your binoculars, you’ll need binoculars
we are so d-mn fly grab your binoculars
you’ll need binoculars, where’s your binoculars?
we are so d-mn fly this sh-t ridonkulous

verse 1

yeah, it’s me, wearing all that sh-t you barely see on tv
i woulda copped that hermés but u dumb n-ggas made it look too d-mn cheapy
so instead, i copped that bape camo, i see you taking shots but you need more ammo
lumber jack swag, red wings and a flannel, rip go and light that candle
i k!lled em (oh)
funeral outfitsss (outfitsss)
all black fabricsss (fabricsss)
about to make all these dumb n-ggas disappear, black magic (magiccc)
you silicon real n-ggas, basically y’all all plastic (fake.)
no shame in your game hun? with your chinatown fashions? d-mn
your taking steps back, going no where like your on four flats
and i’m sponsored by that real sh-t, so you know that i can’t endorse that
m-h-ç you know i’ma force that, all that hating sh-t enforce that
all that “swag” talk you can’t force that, you can’t buy that, you’re air-born with that. swag


verse 2

its so ridonkulous on the weeknd, they lovin’ the crew (they lovin’ the crew)
haters in that table staring, yeah, they lovin’ us too (they lovin’ us too)
hate is the new love, and they doing it like hate is the new drug
and you can overdose on that sh-t cuz unlike ovo you can’t x-o the club
girls think i’m the 1 i’m juggling 2 b-tches
creeping with my jordan 3s no drug dealer but i gotta watch out 4 girl snitches
living in a world where karma’s real and nothing goes forgiven
but like an uptight p-ssy there still aren’t any f-cks given, i’m doing my thang
yeah, i’m doing my thing like i’m gettin paid for it
but unfortunately for you if you, if u want in, then you gotta pay for it
pay backs a m-th- f-cka, sonnin’ n-ggas i’ma mother f-cker call me step dad
and y’all b-st-rds are the biggest mistake y’all mothers ever had. sad