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daze (serbia) - white neon lyrics


[verse 1: ilija]
a bride put my guts up on the loom
ever since i can’t stop thinking of the moon
divinity turns crimson red, once the doors are shut i am all that you have left

[verse 2: ilija]
and once he becomes, the man to touch the garter
you’ll remember my kiss, oh won’t you babe?
hold your lips close to you darling
they’re the only things still keeping you sane
so be quick to escape the light, tonight

[verse 3: ilija]
before you take my body away
leave my skin alone, just so that it can hear you calling my name once more
amplitudes you’ve never sensed before
mighty mountains as base for future wars
tell me, is there more?

[bridge: ilija]
and i confess, take all that is left, i’m leaving it all
and if i stay here, waiting for my body to dissolve, my lungs will fall
will i reveal the eye, you have been waiting to unfold
the truth is right in front of your eyes darling, as you have told me many times
it’s the time, so now, run
so run, so run, so run, so run, so run
run run, run run
[chorus: ilija]
white neon, where you danced, in my eyes
white wine, poured over your head
and the bleached banks, cascaded my bed
but you dance, alone, tonight

[pre+outro: ilija & katarina]
? by out of my soul
or do you want to see my
will you ever give me back my skin
the divine night, where room beside
i can only dream in lullabies
of seeing the blue sky, again, ag+a+ain

[outro: ilija]
oh baby i will try for your life
will you stop the dagger in my lung
again, agaaaa+a+aaaa+a+aaaain

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