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dc the don – blacked out* lyrics


(stephen sanchez)
wrap me up in all your—, i want ya
in my arms, oh, let me hold ya

(dc the don)
get the back in, in the back in, then i backed out
in the fast car, they gonna scream my name when i back out
getting high ass f+ck, so i’ve been feeling too blacked out
i might just stay with my hoe, blowin’ her back out

(stephen sanchez , georgia brown, dc the don)
“i would never fall in love again until i found her” (yeah)
i said, “i would never fall, (woah) unless it’s you i fall into”
i was lost within the darkness, (yeah, yeah, yeah) but thеn i found her
i found you (yeah, yeah, yеah)

(dc the don)
yeah, aye
at the interstate i’m like woah, woah, woah (woah)
okay that sh+t i spent, why the f+ck these n+ggas stink
riding around this b+tch, mclaren