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dead prez – till we get there lyrics


til we get there
til we get there
til we get there

here we go, from the poorest and blackest of people
to survive in the streets of mogadishu
the most dangerous armed and lethal yet peaceful
we no evil, i come from the slums that’s run down
spit native intelligent tongue sound
would rather get gunned down than dumbed down
so come down

much success to you comrade
to who i wrong, if it’s never been said before, my bad
i took a page from the book of martin luther
and decided that it’s better to hug you than to shoot you
i’m sorry homie if it’s not what you used to
but the way that we livin’ these black lives is beautiful
all the things we’ve been through and the tree we done bloomed
we probably family but we never knew

[refrain: stori james]
til we get there, i’m on your side
til we get there, i’m on your side
and it can take some time, til we win this fight
til we get there, i’m on your side, yeah

that’s what’s called solidarity
when we struggle it’s therapy, after chaos we get clarity
my enemy’s enemy is my man remember
i ain’t tryin’ to be endin’ up in this man’s dilemma
we only here for a minute, it’s what you make it so live it
see, i’m a rider and i’m gon’ be remembered
for those of you not born, to those of you not here
i wish you the best and that’s real

this ain’t ya average, when they portray us they say, all savage
cause we have it, blast it, won’t stash it
cause we fight to the death and manage
to makes songs of struggle and to habits
and dammit, if i don’t get even
it’s chant down babylon season
die for new orleans to cleveland
til we even, we not believin’


i love when we makin’ plays
i love all our brilliant ways
i love when we get paid and never move away from the hood
we keep gettin’ while the gettin’ is good
you right at home in our neck of the woods
cause we people, momma said treat others like you want ’em to treat you
we just wanna live and be peaceful
long as it makes sense, i’m a have patience
especially with my brothas i go back in the day with
we speak the same language, suffer the same dangers
cause our children are victims of lead paint chips
out in l.a. they put the black against the mexicans
old rivalry is throwin’ up they sets again
they put the short against the tall and the old verses the new
pretty soon it’s gon’ be me against you
all the things we been through and the tree that we bloomed
i wish you much success and stay true