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deadly venoms – you do the things lyrics


[chorus 2x: sample]
you do the things, that show me just how much you love me
anything you do baby… keep me loving you

uh, here you stand, grown out, i feeling that
make me wanna pick you up, and spit you to the illest track
when n-ggas grab you up, they be all rough and sh-t
yeah, i know you like soft smooth gentle cl!ck
you taught me many ways, how to finesse the beat
you told me to keep it low, my voice is ill, deep
no doubt, so i can gain control
and rock the party all night with my venoms storm
you worldwide universal, yeah you putting it down
even in a court of law, you still picking up sound
it only takes one voice, to set you off
you make the illest sound like sh-t when your lines is crossed
so i keep you cornered and protect your frame
i love you from the first time, i saw you doing your thing
you’ve always been there for me, and i’mma do the same
we can both shine bright, and keep a dark game

yeah, you do the things that my man won’t do
and when i’m mad at this cat, i take it all out on you
see, when we first met, my introduction was sweet
started off testing one-two, and bringing the heat
your response was clear, and everybody could hear
they see me all up in you face, we an unseparable pair
they couldn’t wait to get all up in your grill, running the race
but you showed ’em no love, cuz they invading my sp-ce
but your love for me is like no other, no wonder why
when i seen you on the streets with your boys, you caught my eye
antic-p-ted getting you in the palm of my hand
even though i got a man, we already made plans
to do this justice, so mic check, baby, bust this
let me get on my mission, so that me and you can thug this
approach this situation with the venom of roughness
chameleon knowing that you the key to my success

[chorus 2x]

aiyo, it’s time to bug, you never tried to act new
we were first engaged at the rapper tattoo
used to crack groove, chilling on the sidekick
with dudes filling up your head with all that foul talk
you ignored it though, went down south, we kinda caught it slow
but always knew one day, that i would more then blow
when other girls used to hold you, i got jealous
but you ain’t mine when i gave it up to fellas
i respect that, you let me know where ya heads at
any body else rocking promo, you can dead that
cuz we a team like eyes and head be
even harriet, toasting money while we inherit that
i tell ’em just to take a chill pill
cuz me and you know the real deal, excite me when our peels heel
cuz you the one i wanna be with, make my seed with
and keep it on the hush, just a secret

[champ diva]
for real, i love you, til death do us apart
but you crushed the whole mood, when you broke my heart
the moment was cool, cooler til you flip and turned fool
i pity the fool, i’m rude, plus i’m packing my tool
ready to aim, and bust, just to gain your trust
trust i try, but now i got me kicking up dust
ashes to ashes, n-gga, dust to dirt
dirt to rain, but still ya’ll not feeling my pain
going insane, my pain, throwing dirt on my name
venom i claim, you f-cking sh-t up in the rap game
walking these dames, a thug and plus i do it, my man
doing my thing, i’m nothing, plus i’m loving this game
you do the things, baby…

[chorus 2x]