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death grips – fuck that lyrics


f-ck that

third rail
over one nine breaker
slit throat, cut creator
hung from dem nail
hang em high
savior faire
trans-siberian epic
trek through dat next switch
set it off the roglyphic
jackal headed dawn of the under
check it, check one check
you can suck it
till i get disgusted

f-ck that, naw f-ck that

at me wit that weak sh-t
b-tch slapped
across the street and back… head crack
wanna know where i’ll be at whatever

get off mine i got that juice
noo style cut your brain stem as my combat boots
grind your head to the cadence of this dreath stompin’ mu
sick as f-ck contagion wagin’ war with all you knew… b-tch

mossberg ballistic flux m-ssive
my shure beta 58a hazmatted
pump pump slugster radioactive
ride through a mine field
laced wit black magic
straight from the mayday…
naw f-ck that (one)
broke off its axis, polar shifted granite
knock made ta off
every last b-tch on this planet
f-ck that, naw, f-ck that

came ta bad dem brains til dem neck bones crack
arrested cardiac
black m-ss murder rap
dealer push your wig
all the way back
head wear your face like a yamakulapse
never can tell
where you’re at
eyes stuck on the sky
always gettin’ jacked
tryin’ to look in the mirror like..
f-ck that, naw, f-ck that



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