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deca – flux lyrics


i’ve waited so long for you
i’ve waited so long for you

[verse 1 – deca]
in god’s cipher things come and go
we toil in the fields and reap what we sow
the world’s cold, maestro, take it nice and slow
let words trickle off your tongue and turn to icicles
i’m the shaman, i’m the magic man
i’m ayahuasca mixed with product that you’re trafficking
you’ve got to check me over here, something’s happening
the gods and demons overseeing things and clapping hands
and given half a chance i’ll blow like a split atom
soul rebel, get at ’em, kadmon, sound boy in babylon
vagabond, leader of a pack of stampeding mastodons
back where i belong, smackers with batons will throw firebombs
viacom’s got your children’s hearts and minds
and the dark of night will shine like the patriarch at times
send a man verse, [?]
understand how randall cunningham scrambled through a team of titans with the blood in hand
i’m in survival mode
’till god’s cipher’s closed and it’s time to go
my man was in the parking lot doped up
he nodded out and never woke up
you know why?

[sample x2]
waits for no man

[verse 2 – yonnas abraham]
hunkered down in god’s cipher
that giant circle in the sky
wondering if i don’t succeed is it worth it just to try?
is there still a thought to count
oh that perfect little lie
don’t expect to find the answers i’m just searching for a sign
i was like deca, time waits for no man
get it? time waits
ain’t that dope fam?
he was like nah, take your tongue from out your cheek
and your head from out your -ss and just think before you speak
i’m not trying to be all serious or sound all h-lla deep
i ain’t saying that you gotta but just think about it, b
if you put that pen to paper and you look upon it later
tell me, yeah, will you be proud of what you see?
i’ve searched the whole world, ever found the things you seek inside
probably nah, and i hope i never do
when it’s all said and done, tell me what’s there left to do?
calmly wait for death and hold my breath until a reaper come
in my quest to keep in real a lot of n-gg-‘s keep it dumb
no one adding this is real and really isn’t fun
i ain’t got the time i know that death is real as f-ck
and every second that we waste is slowly k!lling us

waits for no man