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decemberance – a common winter lyrics


i crawl! like the words i spoke in agony
in absence, the fake wall …
fell apart from the idea of dying…
from the idea of dying in silence!
i crawl, see, i crawl!
last drops of pride, within myself i hide
sunrise – the last one!
today i’ll die in tears!
forever in a web, just a bl–dy subst-tute
a puppeteer and his strings
a puppet and it’s misery
now the dice have been rolled in this game of self-hypocrisy
î•ïî­î²î¿ï…ï‚ îºïî¬ï„î¿ï‚ î½î·ï€îµî½î¸î­ï‚
îœî­î»î±î½î¿ï‚ ï‡î¿î»î® îºîµî»îµïîµî¹ ï„î±ï‚ î·î¼îµï„î­ïî±ï‚ ïˆï…ï‡î¬ï‚ ï„îµ
î´îµî¯î¼î¿ï‚ îµïƒï„î¯ ï„ï‰î½ î¶î¿ï†îµïïŽî½ ï€ïî¬î¾îµï‰î½
î· î¼îµî³î¯ïƒï„î· îµïƒï„î¯î±…
in a sick way of thought
where misery of mind exists
i sing a woe for the one i once was
in the winter of souls
reality is something i ignore…
and so my truth remains inside
a thrown mask in the corner…