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decimation – noncelestical orisons cataclised in the passage of ninib lyrics


as extinction commenced, effect of nothingness caused unconsciousness, eternal torment invades the aura
souls in agony are possessed by nihility, no flesh, no blood, no creator
angels of the god are devoured in the p-ssage ninib
did not decide on this occasion and neglected the ancient ones
severe smell of persecution, yells are their instruments, those are the ones who were defeated by their own hypocrisy
their noncelestical orisons are desperate, there is no choice other than eternal punishment
devour the god, origin of dark creed, their end, destruction, torment and the evolution of insanity
unidentified silhouettes among the ruins, appears the dark light, invisible by eyes
spiritual agony more than a torture, exile through the vacancy, gibberish screams, meaningless anymore
god is of flesh and blood suffocated by his own intestines lapped around his neck
with the unholy screams of the great m-ss, began sweeping into the dark shades, summoning thee
prophets are being ruptured with angels in fronts of demons
desperate souls in pain, torture empierced their marrows
your souls wrote their own destiny, it is now the day of reckoning as declared before
prophets present their putrefacient souls, filthy and morbid
living this dark h-ll, eternally cursed deep in g-yya
altered sermons resulted in these unholy rituals and aforementioned griefs
angels in adultery, from the real one, begging for salvation
this is the turn of decayed gods for eternal punishment
spiritual pain, deep agony and smell of burnt flesh as described in punishment scrolls
priests and demons who sold their souls are all in gloom but too late
cursing the disrespect and lies told for ages which devour their souls
eternally ongoing injustice as stated by unbelieved ones