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decks – ​chlorophyll lyrics


[verse 1]
sing me a song and tell me everything is normal
it’s been months since i had felt at all
i’m tryna keep it formal with the
things that i say to those who don’t quite get the most of me
it’s harder to find out when they’re leaving
find me a stone and write my name in tiny letters
if you throw it far enough then you and i are stuck together for the
rest of our years or just as long as you put up with me
i know that it has to end
you’re leaving
so if i go
no complaints
we’ll take it slow
until we break
[verse 2]
i shop the windows of this breezy inner city
hoping for some inspiration
maybe i’ll find something pretty
in the regurgitation of my life in front of you
i put myself for sale, just wondering
if you still want me too
i break the habits of my past, i’m nothin’ better than
a old pair of shoes that no one wears until they gotta
but it’s nothing personal
something terminal
i saw the rain, reflecting off your windowsill
i took the pain i gathered
turned it into chlorophyll
who knows the way
we’ll fall back into open arms
i tried to find it comforting
here i am with battle scars

no, no, no
turned it into chlorophyll
oh, oh, oh
oh, oh, oh
here i am with battle scars