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​​​deerrfrankenstein – ​bulletproof ☺️ lyrics


i don’t give a f+ck, walk ’round like i’m bulletproof (what?)
all up in our business, yeah, i know it’s not true
yeah, and i’m not trying impress you, drop the roof (drop the roof)
been out soarin’ in malibu
and it’s only room for me and my boo
wow, all these d+mn fits make me blue (all those things got me h+lla blue)
and i be in the waters like a cruise
i’m so sick, baby, that’s my food
pour that up and that sh+t was blue (like the house is blue) (bleh)
my diamonds invisible
i drive down to school but my money is my principle
don’t like them sugar trees, feel me? i’m like living proof (oh, oh)
she just wanna eat me up, a cannibal (oh, oh)
i just wanna еat her brains and organs too
and i act like decеmber, f+ck me whenever (ever)
i can do it better (better), i bought you a sweater
see my love as treasure, i wrote you a letter (letter)
f+ck with me never, bring me my competitor (‘petitor)
she fly like propeller, i’m bougie, b+tch, not regular
money like professor, i worked it, i’m no wrestler
leave you on the stretcher

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