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derek pope – picture perfect lyrics


picture perfect
think i brought the sky down maybe when i surfaced
i don’t need your name if you ain’t come with some purpose
everyone in squad get a slice and they deserve it
you don’t even sell, when you do it’s out of service
and your wifey make me nervous
when she light that wood like it’s a furnace
that’s that sh+t that i could go berserk in
hit you when you work like this ain’t working

we don’t want a bottle ‘less it’s plugged
we don’t go nowhere that show no love
way too many people acting sus
holy water pouring in my tub
dean’s list diamond with the drugs
she don’t ever play in the mud, no
hop up off the bricks like you plumb, woah
green pipe money make her come, woah
and what have you done?
battle has yet to be won
i could win with an army of one
i got a style that switch, playing this sh+t with my thumbs
look how i pull up and walk
catch up then you better run