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desade – kill for bills lyrics


[intro + desade]
chci tvoje prachy, zmrde!
dej mi love!
zabijem tě pro tvý prachy
gonna k!ll for bills!
desade a dyad souls

[1 + mario bava]
it’s time he starts facing death
and taste the lead, yes, you take the test
erase your tax, i’m raising tacks
i’m razing your eraserhead
you place all bets in hospitals
i’ll break your neck like popsicles
and bake your head, of course you’re grilled
you’ve paid the debt, the cost is nill
deliver wounds to your shin with spoons
and chop the chin of witherspoon
you’re with her, soon i’ll fit and chew ’em
like singers, screw ’em, your freaking doomed!
your pretty face will quickly taste
more shrapnels than a piggy bank
you’re quickly chased by fifty apes
and whizzed away, then vicously raped
you’re snipped like a vasectomy
i’ll disconnect your head with lasers
“let it be!” no, f+ck that
i won’t stop until you rest in peace
it’s hazardous
when i smash your ribs into the cabinet
attract sh+t on my phiston
till your lips is like a mag+a+net
i’ll pack a d+ck for massive tits
my raps are sick like maggot pits
i’m patching cl+ts, detach your wig
and bash you with a bag of bricks
a pack of fists from pacifists
will smash your lips with rabid hits
my savage clique will make you
disappear just like a magic trick!
[ref. + dyad souls (x2)]
i’ll slash your throat
for the right amount of cash and notes
stab and choke, then what?
next your body’s gonna splash and rot
strangulate with the papes
or f+cking mengele capes
you’re getting sh+gged in the face
full of manner of pain!

[2 + desade]
dobytek, co zabíjí pro majetek, ne dopitek
bohatý zkurvysyny posílám do kytek
chci tvejch deset štětek, chci tvůj drahej nábytek
zůstatek z kreditek + z vraždy užitek!
žádný píčoviny, hlavu do blitek
ještě nám vyklopíš piny, no to je zážitek!
bez výčitek, mučení, otočený trojice devítek
já jsem utek, zatimco jsi z toho otek!
vytek z tebe život, na můj účet vtekly cashe
zajímaj mě cenný věci, ne žádný veteše
zajímaj mě drahý ženy, ??? faleše
zabiju tě pro tvý prachy, sniperuju na střeše
nemám černý svědomí, nestojim na hanbě
k+nt+ roste, ty zvracíš, ztrácíš na barvě
razíme na nočný vražedný loupeže v bandě
desade, dyad souls, to už není o srandě!
[ref. + dyad souls (x2)]

[3 + dario argento]
say h+llo to my dust flies
and locals were pasteurized
the crunch is you must die
in churches, i’m the bus driver
coach is dead, the ds and desade
will cut your chest in half
you’re f+cking destiny’s guard
like a molested r+t+rd
my vocal vultures bury skin
we hit that vocal heroin
your death supplies like cherry gin
produce my very merry grin
severed limbs bring my pet sharks
so deep in the red mark
critique with a tech blast
when peeps eat asbestos
i’m stapling your mother’s face
a staple is the purdah rape
i’m trent from punchy, getting grumpy
make you eat a urine cake
f+ck you too, my manly flow
like i was barry manilow
a magical mortician
sawing victims at my magic show
get slain on the czech streets
from brains to my track meat
i’m wayning like gretzky
with a dangerous technique
missed your funeral as usual
your burial was sh+t
drop my pants and moon you all
before you’re buried in a ditch!
[ref. + dyad souls (x2)]