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desolate – let em know (freestyle) lyrics


yeah yeah yeah 808s freestyle

[verse 1:]
see im back now f-ck who are these clowns oh wow this kid is a beast hunting out here gotta feast im spitting raw shit f-ck the sabbaticals its you and i should i spit mathematical the way you whine that’s called problematical im out here eating rappers flows i guess im a cannibal see i sit in my room and i lay in my bed thinkin’ how on earth am i to get ahead f-ck that do what you love f-ck others opinions cause i see above these people they shit talk they ain’t good enough they gone be lost while you still climbing up

now you better let em know world in your hands this is your time to blow, now you better let em know world in your hands it’s your time to blow

[verse 2:]
yeah my city hella pretty but them streets is hella gritty most of the girls here all be hella skinny and i really can’t f-ck with it i wanna bad b-tch swervin out the lane i wanna bad whip a whole other domain f-ck mary jane i ain’t smokin your shit do it how i like it my life takin’ hits i wanna say bye i dont know how to quit i wanna be alive and i know im gonna make it hell yeah im gonna make it 5 years from now im screaming f-ck you i made it b-tch