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dexlabb – dreams money can buy lyrics


i went on a run last night
stare up at the clouds star light came down
clouds, blowin away. running through the city
mind jogging with all the ideas i never manifested. too stressed &

no exposure, im the type to do it when its over
im the type to lose it when it won’t hurt
man, now im on a f-ckin ride. cause i just lost it all
24 with no direction tryna’ get a buzz on while im sober

oh well, better days. thats what we always say when we smile
and try to hide the pain for a while..
still writing for that better life. ‘h-ll of a game
u can look me in both of my eyes, and tell me i changed

you can, f-ck with me. but most ya’ll won’t
not until i made it to the big screen still on about jim beam
its crazy how people flip like a pancake
when their position is conflicted in relation to your vision
and your doin’ it different

i feel my days are numbered, calendar on the cover
almanac on the chain with the special date i go under
when, your own heart is a place to discover
and you could have it all, the bugatti, estate & quail at ur suppers

tell me, why am i ashamed to say it to others?
they just wouldn’t get it, hang my head mid sentence..
can’t let this, guilt fill up like cement in my shoes
and drown me in a lake of things tht i never could do
just don’t