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diamusk – wadada lyrics


too long we’ve waited now it’s time to stop,
dreams gonna get real, they will!
if we don’t give up!

dream on, dream on don’t let go!
you’re gonna get up
cause there is no more way down,
hey, don’t know it all,
no hesitating and no doubt,
you’re here to grow!

our worlds are intertwined
and all pieces are being bind
and those who did and those who didn’t
want to keep in mind.

all is wadada!!!

so don’t throw it away
be the one who wins in the end
life is not black and white
fight for the light!

hey you!

show love out,
mislead no one,
the more you give
the more you get
and don’t give up
to reach the core takes longer way
don’t ever stop!
let your heartbeat show you the way,
the feeling’s alright,
let it take you there
where we dream as one
spread your wings and fly
just don’t give up!
don’t give up!

show love out,
the more you give
the more you get
just don’t give up!