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diggy simmons – thinkin’ bout u lyrics


“thinkin’ bout u”

uh yeah, uh uh, uh uh, uh, yeah
but girl i gotta let u know…that

i know we’re apart but, u still got my heart and (i gotta know)
do you ever think about me
no i don’t deserve this,
what we had was perfect, (just want you to know girl)
that i’ll always think about you

hey miss anonymous,
lately i’ve been reminiscin,
on all our kisses and what we had im kinda missin
it got me trippin’ cuz everything just feels so different,
and every time i’m in the heights i gotta’ a n-gg-’ thinking,
what if she better off with out me just running abroad,
that she’s gotta a new man just waiting up under my car,
can’t figure it out but i know i gave you my all,
funny how you took it for granted and then just call it off,
the cherry red flowers them late night hours,
when i would god bless the way i felt towards you i thought the world was ours,
well i guess i was mistaken, because when i was in vegas,
i got a call when you were sayin that u couldn’t take it, (what yeah)
you said it was just too much,
girl what you think this was a crush, (nah)
i wasn’t even in a rush,
but the way you had me feeling i thought you were thinking bout us


everything seems so perfect,
almost like a dream,
i guess the nightmare been disguises all that you can see,
but through the eyes of everyone around as well as me,
know that our chemistry incredibly made us complete,
so when it went down i was at a lose for words,
couldn’t take it,
everything that i just heard,
and anything that happened between us was now a blur,
cuz only last week we were good then that occurred,
so unexpected your behavior didn’t reflect it,
felt disconnected,
something between us in a second,
all the affection gone,
what happened to the blessing we had together for so long,
you and i perfected,
i bet to u it didn’t mean a lot,
i mean i know u said it did but rite on the spot,
you went a bent me from your life like a boycott,
well just imagine how much hurt this boy got


late night,
just putting up a fight,
with my feelings when i know it ain’t rite,
ain’t never had this much strength in my life,
but baby i can’t stop
think about you

yeah, yeah, yeah