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dilated peoples – right and exact lyrics


i push my levels to zero with distortin
boost two compression enhancers the message i’m recordin
live from california, warnin night to mornin
the illest squad this side of earth is now formin
itself into a whirlwind, spin pattern the outcome
be tragic, tell me what you want i still doubt them
i hit up the beat unique
for seven-eighths i levitate, hit save not delete
you could get in the game, but who’s ahead in the race?
to a duststorm, when it clears there’s no trace
of where i was, was not, or how i got there
the image you recall so clear has disappeared
yeah.. since most kids are spoiled these days, we let ’em have it..
[rakaa iriscience]
yo.. yo i make moves and get my p-ssport decorated
i keep my business and my personal seperated
from cali to philly to the circus of picadilly
this verse is soundkillin – rehe-rs-d – do your research
walk ’til my feet hurt, smoke ’til the weed hurt
challenge this, you know the alchemist make the beat work
send a hot flash of fever through your speaker
then after the heat bring chills like deep freezers
live or tv, whether tape or cd
twelve inch, liquid audio or mp3
f-ck the format, they askin where the