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dir en grey – zakuro [english] lyrics


i screamed out your name
even my voice will probably never reach you
but you know, now i’m ok with that.
some day in my heart you’ll be…

i’ll dream tonight, dreams of you.
because of that letter i put under my pillow
my dreams are too cruel, my breath is cut off
i always painfully awaken at four in the morning

time is too long
time is too painful
the dreams don’t stop
love freezes to death
on a cold night
on this long night

my consciousness splintered and powdered
memories scattered about
holding your ring so tightly that my tears wet the pillow

so i couldn’t hear it, i blocked my ears to your voice
one more scar added to my wrist
melting into the wound… you

i am breaking burning the letter it’s reduced to ash
i am breaking destroy my heart it’s reduced to ash
i am breaking losing you i love you.