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dirty loops – work shit out lyrics



i better work sh-t out
but i like it too much
spending all my money
like i just can’t get enough

i better work sh-t out
but it’s k!lling my buzz
sending all my sorry-s
until i [?????]

[verse 1]

i got the sunlight –
you bring the rain
i’m-a drop out
but if i fall out
i ain’t got no one
but me to blame

still i got the sparkle
i’m soaking up the heat!
‘cuz i know i should insist
but i’m a sucker for the kiss so sweet


[verse 2]

i got my game on –
i’m like a time bomb!
i’m a zombie in the morning
and i’m just waiting for the night to come

i can go on forever
because i don’t want to stop
it’s a lot coming of nowhere
but i’m loving every part of it!