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disfiguring the goddess – katapillar lyrics


fountain of health, before my lambs, before my hands, before my lambs
breathing down my neck is the shadow of my past
i can control it, should i let it out?
it’ll come knocking, beating down your spine
break free (break free x2) to sell yourself to persistence the sow of virgin ignorance
my sought for matter bittereance
behold the fool, behold my tool
commentary, from a world far below
the tress bellow
behold the fool, behold my tool
commentary, from a world below
the trees below. the earth decayed
the symphony of crocodiles dazzle in masquerade
something deeper below the sand
the sentiment contains the flesh
the flesh at hand, no more. he. the sent controls us
the send at hand, i bare the bore
its tusks are mine. i live below the sands of time and misery
the vines drape down, strangle the light
potent and supreme. birds come down the waterfall
see them as they fall. portals to an underworld
lakes and trees sprout forth. rain winds against my face
for he to not embrace. psycho in the water
sint it. the king of man shall rise and fall
praise. twisted in these vines
mother earth holds him high
high enough into the light
soak him full of vitamins
rise him to the skye, see into his eye
oh, mother x3
speak, seismic teachings
dna. built into the light. built into the feedings. the usual sight. bleakly requiring nourishment. the blood feeds me
sickly without out. deeply my life needs more
i cry in pain. i cry in loneliness
i feel tempt the thought of bleeding out my neck
my mind x2
reptiled, my dreams out of whack
my self brainwashed. feelings not intact
rise him up to the sky, see into its eye
oh mother x2, what world is this? i’m not mistaken
pillars lined: rows and rows
legs contorting creep out out conorting

insectly feeling, thriving for the womb
the womb, warm and calling out life
life or a life
remember this