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dividing the masses – later t’mater lyrics


i wonder if you’re listening, cause we’ve been through
this before
its hard for me to say why i would give you a song in
your name
maybe its the fact that you were “the girl of my
but all in all it could just be that “that’s just who i
am this week”

you know it’s kinda sad really. all i ever wanted was
to be your friend
we had endless potential. i even loved your family
but clearly you didnt feel the same
was it really that difficult just to let me back in?
i tried countless times, but the shutdown was
i wasn’t looking for answers. i got over that years ago
sometimes i just wonder why you threw it all out the

but now life is better than it ever was before
i’ve got everything i could ever need
so much of my story has yet to be written
and as for last questions, i’ll leave you with these:

remember all the summer nights were spent on your
looking at the stars and talking about our lives
we were both so young and free
it wasnt long til i could see that you werent the
person you used to be


remember all the time you promise me things would never
back in the days when the things you said meant
something to me
well i do. and now you’re just a memory i’d soon rather